How Young Can Donors be Aspirated?

While it is valuable to create offspring from donors at the youngest age possible, oocytes can be collected when the donor is physically mature. Young donors should always be examined by a veterinarian before determining if they are aspirated.

Can IVF Embryos be Frozen?

Yes, IVF embryos of good quality can be frozen with good results. It is important to only select the best quality embryos for freezing, while lower quality ones should be discarded or transferred.

How Often can Oocytes be Collected?

As long as the donor has been examined and deemed healthy enough for it, oocytes can be collected every other week.

How Will IVF Embryos be Frozen?

Two methods can be used, one is the 10% glycerol method and the other is a direct-thaw method. Both methods have similar results.

What are the Pregnancy Rates when IVF Embryos are Transferred Fresh?

The rate of pregnancy depends on many factors like time of year, type of recipient, and recipient management, but typically fall around 50%.

What Donor Females are Candidates for the IVF Program?

There are a variety of types of donors that can achieve success with IVF. To learn more about if your donor is suitable, contact us today.

What is Reverse-Sorted Semen?

After the frozen semen is thawed, a sorter is used to separate the male and female sperm cells to create the desired gender.

What Results can be Expected from Reverse-Sorted Semen?

Selecting female and male calves has very high accuracy rates, with female achieving approximately 95% success rate.